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Traneker Fund

Respite Care for Carers


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Site last updated 18 March 2020

Who are we?
The Traneker Fund is a local charity providing free care to support those in Brackley and surrounding villages in South Northamptonshire who look after sick and elderly relatives at home for 24 hours a day.

Who can we help?
Any full-time Carer in the Brackley area who needs a break. Usually you will already be getting some care support through one of the agencies. You may need a break to: go shopping, see a friend, attend a family event or just have some time to yourself. We also support people living alone at home who are disabled by chronic illness.

How can we help?
Funds are used to pay the cost of qualified help through a recognised local care organisation. We can provide up to 20 hours in 6 months, according to need, completely free of charge. We are a small charity and like to spread our funds over as many families as possible.

Why is it called the ‘Traneker’ Fund?
Miss Traneker was the Mayor of Brackley, many years ago, and it is as a result of her initiative that the fund was started. To continue this care we rely totally on fundraising and donations (no public money is received). If you would like to donate or could help with raising funds - or would be interested in becoming a Trustee - please contact us as above.